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ICC T20 World Cup 2020: The 7th Men’s T-20 World Cup 2020 schedule has already been released. The five-week tournament will be played in Australia from 18 October until 15 November 2020.

ICC T20 World Cup 2020:  For the first time this tournament is being played in Australia. 

The five-week tournaments will be played from.

October 18 to November 15, 2020. Former champions Sri Lanka and Bangladesh failed to qualify directly for the men’s T20 World Cup Super 12 due to their low ranking and now they have to take part in the group stage competition to make it to the venue in 2020.

The ICC has already announced the qualifying teams for the Super 12. In a statement issued on its official website, the ICC said that with the host team nine other teams got direct entry into this tournament. 

The Top rankings Cricket World Cup 2020 Teams include.

  • Pakistan,
  • India
  • England
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand
  • West Indies
  • Afghanistan

But former champions and three-time runners-up Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will have to play with six other qualifiers in the group stage of the tournament. 

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According to the qualification criteria, the top eight teams get place in Super 12 stage directly, while the other two teams will have to play in the group stage with the other teams. Other teams of the group stage will be determined by the ICC T-20 World Cup qualifiers to be held in 2019. 

ICC Men’s 2020 T20 World Cup Schedule

  • October 24- Australia vs Pakistan (Sydney Cricket Ground) 
  • October 24- India vs South Africa (Perth Stadium) 
  • October 25- New Zealand vs West Indies (Melbourne Cricket Ground) 
  • October 25- Qualifier 1 vs Qualifier 2 (Belle rive Oval) 
  • October 26- Afghanistan vs qualifiers A2 (Perth Stadium) 
  • October 26 England vs qualifiers B1 (Perth Stadium) 
  • October 27 New Zealand vs qualifiers B2 (Bellerive Oval) 
  • October 28 Afghanistan vs qualifiers B1 (Perth Stadium) 
  • October 28 Australia vs West Indies (Perth Stadium) 
  • October 29, India vs qualifier A2 (Melbourne Cricket Ground) 
  • October 29 Pakistan vs qualifier A1 (SCG) 
  • October 30 England vs South Africa (Sydney Cricket Ground)
  • October 30- West Indies vs Qualifier B2 (Perth Stadium) 
  • October 31- Pakistan vs New Zealand (Gaba) 
  • October 31- Australia vs Qualifier A1 (Gaba) 
  • November 1- India vs England (Melbourne Cricket Ground) 
  • November 1- South Africa vs Afghanistan (Adelaide Oval) 
  • November 2 qualifiers A 2 vs qualifiers B1 (SCG) 
  • November 2 New Zealand vs qualifier A1 (GABA) 
  • November 3. Pakistan vs West Indies (Adelaide Oval) 
  • not Vanbr 3 Australia vs qualifiers B2 (Adelaide Oval) 
  • November 4 England vs Afghanistan (GABA) 
  • November 5 South Africa vs qualifier A2 (Adelaide Oval) 
  • November 5 India vs qualifiers B1 (Adelaide Oval) 
  • November 6- Pakistan vs Qualifier B2 (Melbourne Cricket Ground)
  • Nov. 6- Australia vs New Zealand (Melbourne Cricket Ground) 
  • November 7- West Indies vs Qualifier A1 (Melbourne Cricket Ground) 
  • November 7- England vs Qualifier A2 (Adelaide Oval) 
  • November 8- South Africa vs Qualifier B1 (Sydney Cricket Ground) 
  • November 8 – India vs Afghanistan (Sydney Cricket Ground)


November 11 – First semi-final (Sydney Cricket Ground) 
November 12 – First semi-final (Adelaide Oval)


Nov 15 – Final (Melbourne Cricket Ground)